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Mary Peters Track Membership

Schemes & Classes Offered

For further information regarding the schemes on offer, click on the above LOGO's or contact info@marypeterstrack.com


A section of the main stand will be open and available to users during poor weather conditions.


Users may only wear trainers or 7mm spikes. NO other footwear is permitted on the Track.


Users must not use tape of any kind on the track surface. Chewing Gum is strictly prohibited.


The mountain bike trials are owned and operated by Belfast City Council.

The blue & red trails are single track, and therefore only suitable for cyclists.

Green trails are suitable for both cyclists and walkers/runners.

The green trail is a 1.7km linear trail & runs parallel to the River Lagan

For further information please contact Anne Reid via email - ReidA@BelfastCity.gov.uk or visit www.mountainbikeni.com